Great Western Hospital Public Lectures

GWH Public Lectures

Come along and join the GWH for a series of evening talks hosted by our passionate clinical staff:

Weds 6th March – “Dementia by Dr Debesh Mukherjee

Weds 1st May – “Snoring!” by Dr Deepak Gupta

Weds 3rd July – “Heart Disease” by Dr Badri Chandrasekaran

Weds 4th Sept – “Embarrassing Bodies (things that make you go…ooh!)” by Dr Jessica Daniel

Weds 6th Nov – “Diabetes” by Dr Beas Bhattacharya


All of the above will be held in Lecture Hall 1, The Academy, Great Western Hospital, 6.30pm – 7.30pm.

Parish Council feedback to Swindon Borough Council on the pre-submission draft of the Local Plan 2026

The public feedback period for the pre-submission draft of Swindon Borough Council’s Local Plan 2026 closed today.

Click through our Parish Council’s feedback link and this Joint Parish Councils Feedback link to view the detailed feedback provided by your Parish Council on Swindon Borough Council’s Local Plan 2026.

Details of the Local Plan itself are referenced on the previous post -> click here to view this post.