Wireless Broadband Coverage Map & Service Provider Details

The wireless broadband coverage map for the whole Swindon area including Bishopstone and Hinton Parva has been posted at the foot of the village maps page – click here for the maps page. This map shows the coverage area for each of our two new high speed broadband services.

As a reminder these new services are both now live and are available through two local Service Providers – CCE Services (of Badbury) and Cotswold Wireless (of Cirencester). Both services offer download speeds of up to 40Mb/s but tests in Bishopstone show that our actual speeds will be between 15-30Mb/ s. This is still 10x faster than any existing Broadband speeds currently available in Bishopstone. This level of download speed is perfect for multiple streams of internet TV through BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, YouTube etc as well as for intensive business uses like video conferencing etc. The services being launched start at £25/month plus installation costs – each service providers offering is slightly different so do investigate them both.

Please contact each service provider using the contact details below to set up a site survey for your property and get your own personalized quotation.
CCE Services
Tel: 07502 199 056
Email: sales@cce-services. com
Cotswold Wireless
Tel: 0844 80 40 484
Email: info@cotswoldwireless.co.uk Web: http://www.cotswoldwireless.co.uk

* As both of these services use the same cellular networking technology (as used in your mobile phone) to connect to our homes with the cell tower being in central Swindon – as with cell phone signals hills, trees, and other obstructions can cause signal black-spots and not all of the Parish may receive these services. That said tests done by the Parish Council and the cellular network operator (UK Broadband) have shown that the majority of properties in Bishopstone should be able to receive these services. No testing has been conducted in Hinton Parva so please engage one of these service providers to see if your location is covered.



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