Bishopstone sewers leakage & cleaning

After recent flooding to a home in the village, Thameswater  will be cleaning some of their sewers. These will be the ones from The Hawthorne’s down to Cues Farm and across to both The Forty and their foul water pumping station.  Following the clean they will camera survey the pipes to check no further work is needed. They will then continue to check these sewers every six months.


The pumping station pumps are regularly maintained and their telemetry is showing it has been working fine,  but they will also be completing an additional check to confirm this. In the longer term they will be investigating the sewers around The Forty to see what we can do to help prevent this leakage from happening again.


Sometimes Thameswater sewers struggle if the wrong things has been placed down them, so even though they are investigating this further it would help if villagers could take the time to read the ‘Don’t feed the fatberg’ leaflet and be careful about the things they put down the drains.


Click on the image below to read the full leaflet.