Proposal to cancel our Thamesdown number 47 bus ! We need your support NOW !!

Your local bus service needs you !

You may have already heard that Swindon Borough Council have made a recommendation to cancel the No. 47 Thamesdown Bus service that serves this and surrounding villages.  The recommendation is that this service ceases to run on the 24th October 2013 in order to make savings as it has been decided that this service is no longer viable.  You may think differently, or know someone who does.

You may or may not currently use this bus service but the bus is an essential part of keeping our village accessible and many people rely on this service.  If we lose this service, we will never get it back.

We desperately need your help. NOW ! This recommendation to cancel our village lifeline will be voted upon at the next Swindon Borough Council cabinet meeting on Wednesday 11th September at 6pm and our case will be presented by our Ridgeway Ward Councillor – Andrew Bennett.

Please can we ask you to do two things to support our campaign to save our Bus.

1)     In Writing;

Please email Councillor Andrew Bennett on and voice your support for the No. 47 Bus.  Please ask anyone in your household / or other people you know, who also has an email address to do the same.  If you do not have email please contact him on 01793 790563, or write to him at Forge Cottage, 2 Church Road, Wanborough, SN4 0BZ.

Please also copy your local MP Robert Buckland on


2)     In Person;

We have the opportunity to gather a small army of local villagers who are passionate about retaining our bus service.  Therefore we are asking that you join us for the opening ‘Public Question Time’ part of this meeting and add weight to our support of this service.  Historically the more public support for an issue such as this the better impact we can have.  The meeting starts at 6pm on Wednesday 11th September 2013 in Committee Room 6, Civic Offices, Euclid Street, Swindon, SN1 2JH. We are looking to take as many passionate villagers as possible.  If you drive, please ask around to see if you can take anyone else with you.  If you don’t drive and you do want to attend, please gather at the bus stop in Bishopstone at 5pm on the 11th Sept and someone will take you down to the meeting.  And bring you back, of course. If you do require a lift please advise Lesley Drewitt (Clerk to the Parish Council) who is organising the transportation logistics via email or by phone (evenings only) on 01488 71828.

Details of the proposal to cancel the 47 bus service are to be found on SBC’s web site as per below.

(CM: KW) 9. Implementation of the Local Bus Strategy. pdf icon PDF 37 KB

Additional documents:

Please do help us retain this service – Once it is gone, it will be gone.  Forever.

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Submission of Swindon Borough Local Plan 2026 and the Statement of Community Involvement in Planning

Swindon Borough Council Local Plan 2026 has been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for the purposes of an examination to take place later this year.  The document is available for inspection at the house of the Parish Council Chair (Simon Jenkins) as requested by SBC.


Full details about this SBC Local Plan 2026 and the planning process can be found –> Here


The 2 legal notification documents from SBC are also on the Bishopstone and Hinton Parva notice boards and are also reproduced here. Submission Notification & Publication Notification


Waste & Recycling Update Jan 2012

Crews have now returned to the yard after attempting collections today. There are areas that we could not access due to the weather, but please see below for information to give to residents when they call.

Recycling, please advise residents to take their items back in and to put back out on their next scheduled collection day for a double collection



A proportion of South Marston and Highworth, . Buttermere and McKenzie drive ( Liden), Inglesham, Bishopstone,  half of Lower Wanborough and all of Upper Wanborough still require a refuse collection. If a resident tells you about an area not mentioned above please take details down so we can ensure a collection takes place for them also.

Please advise residents to take their bins back in as due to the weather  it is highly unlikely we will be able to catch up over the weekend.

Please tell them that we will produce a recollection schedule for bins and put it on SBC website on Monday to advise residents their recollection day.

Thanks for your support over this time


Christabel Banks-Coffey
Waste Collections Manager
Swindon Commercial Services Ltd
Waterside Park

Swindon Borough Council – Jan Snow Update

Please see the information for an update on gritting and how to get up to date information on the local conditions.

Swindon Borough Council is well prepared for the snowfall and its operational staff are working round the clock to grit around 270 miles of main roads in the borough using its fleet of seven gritter vehicles.  Around 50% of all roads within the borough will be gritted and more than 4000 tonnes of salt and grit are in stock; this is more than adequate with each gritting run using around 35 tonnes. For more information about road gritting treatment and gritting routes, please see the Road Gritting and Salt Boxes page.

Where roads cannot be treated, salt boxes are positioned in specific areas for use as needed. These are positioned close to areas which may be a little more vulnerable because of slopes or hills. Members of the public are asked not to use this to grit personal driveways and paths but save it for public paths and roads as replenishment of stocks may not be possible immediately during periods of severe travel disruption.

During severe weather conditions it is always advisable to avoid travelling if at all possible. However, if you have to drive, make sure you prepare for your journey and minimise the risk to yourself and others. Please see the Tips for Winter Driving page for hints and tips on how to prepare on . Please note that the snow ploughs will be out later today.

As the weather situation unfolds it is always best to keep abreast of the changing conditions as public services may be severely affected. Please see the Adverse Weather page on for links to:

Sources of weather forecast updates.

Information about local radio stations.

Information to help you find out if schools are open (including website and contact details).

Information about closures of public buildings.

Information about salt boxes and how to request salt replenishment when stocks are used up.

Links to information on how to keep warm and stay safe.

If you are use Twitter please follow #swindonsnow for the latest information on the adverse weather and road closures.

Thank you,

Tracy Scott (

Locality Facilitator, South

Swindon Borough Council