Bishopstone sewers leakage & cleaning

After recent flooding to a home in the village, Thameswater  will be cleaning some of their sewers. These will be the ones from The Hawthorne’s down to Cues Farm and across to both The Forty and their foul water pumping station.  Following the clean they will camera survey the pipes to check no further work is needed. They will then continue to check these sewers every six months.


The pumping station pumps are regularly maintained and their telemetry is showing it has been working fine,  but they will also be completing an additional check to confirm this. In the longer term they will be investigating the sewers around The Forty to see what we can do to help prevent this leakage from happening again.


Sometimes Thameswater sewers struggle if the wrong things has been placed down them, so even though they are investigating this further it would help if villagers could take the time to read the ‘Don’t feed the fatberg’ leaflet and be careful about the things they put down the drains.


Click on the image below to read the full leaflet.





Thames Water Flood/Sewerage Update

From Thames Water

As you will be aware, recent heavy rain has led to wide-scale flooding across the Thames Water region. We are working closely with the emergency services, health services, local authorities, and other the utility companies, as a multi-agency resilience team to ensure a coordinated and effective response.

In many areas, floodwater is entering our sewer network and in some cases overloading our pipes and sewage pumping stations. Although these are designed to take wastewater from homes and businesses, they are not built to take storm or river water. This is putting our sewer pipe network under considerable strain. We are doing everything we can to protect our assets from flooding and maintain normal services wherever possible.

To prevent local homes from flooding by sewage, it is possible that we may have to deploy tankers at your local pumping station to relieve the volumes of water entering them. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause local residents and we will be in touch with the local residents who will be directly affected should we have to take this action. We will also keep you updated if tankering is taking place in your area. If your residents experience any problems or have concerns about the tankering or sewer flooding, please advise them to contact our 24-hour Customer Service team on 0845 9200800.

With more rain predicted over the coming days, please be assured we are preparing for further flooding by bringing in extra staff to help respond to customer emergencies. Further advice and information can be found on our website and the Environment Agency’s website or via their Floodline 0845 988 1188.

Wireless Broadband Coverage Map & Service Provider Details

The wireless broadband coverage map for the whole Swindon area including Bishopstone and Hinton Parva has been posted at the foot of the village maps page – click here for the maps page. This map shows the coverage area for each of our two new high speed broadband services.

As a reminder these new services are both now live and are available through two local Service Providers – CCE Services (of Badbury) and Cotswold Wireless (of Cirencester). Both services offer download speeds of up to 40Mb/s but tests in Bishopstone show that our actual speeds will be between 15-30Mb/ s. This is still 10x faster than any existing Broadband speeds currently available in Bishopstone. This level of download speed is perfect for multiple streams of internet TV through BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, YouTube etc as well as for intensive business uses like video conferencing etc. The services being launched start at £25/month plus installation costs – each service providers offering is slightly different so do investigate them both.

Please contact each service provider using the contact details below to set up a site survey for your property and get your own personalized quotation.
CCE Services
Tel: 07502 199 056
Email: sales@cce-services. com
Cotswold Wireless
Tel: 0844 80 40 484
Email: Web:

* As both of these services use the same cellular networking technology (as used in your mobile phone) to connect to our homes with the cell tower being in central Swindon – as with cell phone signals hills, trees, and other obstructions can cause signal black-spots and not all of the Parish may receive these services. That said tests done by the Parish Council and the cellular network operator (UK Broadband) have shown that the majority of properties in Bishopstone should be able to receive these services. No testing has been conducted in Hinton Parva so please engage one of these service providers to see if your location is covered.



Swindon Borough Council’s Proposed Changes for Recycling and Green Waste collection

SBC looks to introduce fortnightly recycling collection service

​Residents will be consulted on the council moving to a combined fortnightly waste and recycling collection service on the same day, if plans get the go-ahead.

These changes, proposed to take effect from February, 2014 would mean residents have the convenience of their general waste and recycling, including plastics, being collected on the same day fortnightly. A separate improved collection service for green waste is also being put forward as part of the Council’s corporate plans which will be presented at a Cabinet Meeting on Wednesday, October 23, and if approved a formal consultation process will begin.

Residents who cannot accommodate a wheelie bin and have blue bags for their rubbish would continue to receive a weekly collection for their waste and the weekly recycling would switch to fortnightly, including plastics on the same day.

The Council remains committed to encouraging residents to recycle and it is anticipated existing recycling levels of 45% would be maintained. Households already have two orange boxes and some have a third. Additional boxes would be available on request at a charge of £5 each, as is currently the case.

SBC seeks to improve green waste collection service for residents

Split bags of garden waste could be a thing of the past for most residents, if plans to consult the public on the introduction of a household green waste wheelie bin collection service from April next year get the go-ahead.

Subject to approval at a Cabinet Meeting on Wednesday, October 23, the Council will consult residents on the proposed new service, which would cost households £35 per year for a fortnightly collection and see an end to the inconvenience of green plastic bags.

The current service, introduced in 2006, has encountered recent problems. Increasing demand and financial pressures led to a four bag limit per household taking effect in May. Many residents have complained that this is insufficient and has added to the problem of bags splitting and the nasty smell of rotting green waste.

Wheelie bins would allow residents to dispose of more green waste in a contained, tidy way. Around a third of local authorities in England already charge residents for green waste collection and wheelie bins are most commonly used.

Receiving this service would be entirely optional, so residents who don’t have a garden, choose to compost or take green waste to the Household Waste Recycling Centre, would not be affected or required to pay.

For those who want the service, there would be an initial registration cost of £35, which includes a green bin – or supply of green bags for properties unsuitable for a wheelie bin. In addition there would be an annual £35 service charge, which equates to a cost of less than £1.50 per fortnightly collection, provided all year round except two weeks over the quiet Christmas period. In comparison, before 2006 residents who wanted their green waste collecting bought green bags from the council for £1 each.

It is recognised that special provision may be necessary for particularly vulnerable residents. The proposals include offering an assisted collection for those with limited mobility, as applies to wheelie bins for general household waste, subject to the same charges.  Residents would also be able to continue taking household green waste free of charge to the Household Waste Recycling Centre, where it goes on to be composted.

Subject to the outcome of the consultation, the changes could form part of the Council’s 2014/2015 corporate plan and are projected to achieve £635k savings in the first year, helping to bridge the estimated budget gap of £15million due to funding reductions, rising demand and cost pressures.

If Cabinet gives the go-ahead to consult, all residents will be consulted on these proposals and invited to share their views as part of the public consultation starting at the end of October.  These views will then be reported back to Cabinet so a final decision can be made.

Further details of both measures are available on SBC website:

Village Clean Up Day – 20th October

The Parish Council would like to thank all those who turned out for the clean-up day on the 20th October. The weather forecast  was bad and they were absolutely right; it was a very wet morning and everybody got soaked, but remained cheerful in the face of adversity!


This was the third anniversary of this task and it was very encouraging to see more people than in previous years prepared to help clean up our verges and ditches. We collected 27 bags of rubbish and a surprising number of tyres, so it was a really successful day.